White City

Construction period: 1929-1931

If you go to Weiße Stadt looking for unusual, unique, unmistakable architecture, you will be disappointed.

brigde house across Aroser Allee designed by Otto Rudolf Salvisberg

What you can look forward to when you tour this 1920s estate that at first glance looks more like a satellite city, is a light bulb moment: the impressive thing here is not that it looks unique, but that it still looks contemporary.

Bauteil Wilhelm Büning
section by Wilhelm Büning

Discover a world Heritage Site…

This is a good place to mention Martin Wagner, who by nature of his position as chief city planner for Berlin from 1926 to1931 essentially called all the shots on this project and put together the following team of architects:

Otto Rudolf Salvisberg

Bruno Ahrens

Wilhelm Büning

Ludwig Lesser (landscape architect).

When you look at the buildings you are likely to be struck by the fact that they clearly show the signatures of all of these men, and yet still manage to maintain a coherent appearance.

Bauteil Bruno Ahrends
gate building designed by Bruno Ahrends